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At BOB-CAT® we are proud of the workmanship and quality that go into our ride-on and stand-on mowers, and we are equally proud and appreciative of the trust you place in them. That’s what motivates us to continue building the finest, most durable ride-on and stand-on mowers in the industry. We have made many improvements throughout our full range of consumer and commercial mowers: Enhanced cutting decks for improved cut quality and clipping dispersal; trim side deck guards, tougher tyres for better grip and less turf damage; more comfortable operator seating and more. Every BOB-CAT® mower is backed with our MOW WITH CONFIDENCE™ limited warranties. It is all part of our on-going commitment to build the mowers you would build – mowers with durability, cut quality and easy maintenance. 


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How to Differentiate:

  • CRZ™: The residential mower with commercial quality

  • XRZ™: The perfect balance between ruggedness and affordability

  • XRZ™ Pro: Take your profitability to the next level

  • QuickCat™: The new standard in productivity and reliability

  • ProCat™: Serious power and reliability for the serious professional

  • Predator-Pro™: The peak of durability and performance

To view the entire BOB-CAT range, see the website below: